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Carpet Cleaning

The Services Of A Carpet Cleaning Company

When you want to have your carpet professionally cleaned and inspected, hiring a carpet cleaning service is highly recommended as it provides many benefits and advantages over cleaning your own carpet and home flooring. Knowing what you should look for before you hire the carpet cleaning company that is right for the job you have in mind will ensure you are provided with the best services available without overspending or making an investment that is out of your price range.


Before you hire any carpet cleaning service to work in your home, asking about past experience and the types of jobs each professional has worked with will help you to feel more secure about your decision of hiring. Asking about past jobs and the type of cleaning services each professional provides is a way for you to gauge their knowledge of cleaning and the types of cleaning that appeal to you based on the carpet you have in your own home.


Asking for references is also highly recommended before you choose a carpet cleaning service that is right for you. References will help you to gain insight into the type of clients each carpet cleaning company has worked with in the past to help with making a decision when you are hiring professionals for your own cleaning work or jobs.

Finding the right carpet cleaning company for the job you have in mind can be done by comparing local business listings and directories in addition to also searching for a company and service provider that is right for you online. Looking for a carpet cleaning professional service online is a way to view all of the services that are currently offered as well as the experience each company has when it comes to both residential and commercial properties.

Carpet Cleaning Process

Loss Assessment and Evaluation

Drying Process

Water Sanitary Categorization

Structural and Contents Restoration

Water Damage Classifications

Monitoring & Completion

What to Do Before Calling a Professional for Water Damage Service

It’s one of the things a homeowner fears most – a water leak. A major water leak is a call for immediate action. What do you do before calling a Water Damage Service for water damage repair?

  • Make sure you are safe. Are there electrical appliances, cords or outlets in contact with water or is the leaking water scalding hot? If yes, leave the area immediately and call for emergency help. Once you have received emergency help, call your Water Damage Service for water damage repair.
  • If it is safe for you to continue, look for a way to turn off the source of the water. For example, near the toilet there should be a valve that you can use to turn off the water to the toilet. Under the sink there should be two valves, one for hot water and one for cold water.
  • If you can’t turn the water off at the valve near the immediate source, you may need to turn the water off near the main source. To do this, look for a valve near your water meter, where water enters your home. This valve often looks like a lever and will need to be rotated one-quarter turn to turn off the water. There is also a main valve in a below-ground box near the street. This valve requires a special tool to stop water flow, so if that is your only option, make sure you have the tool available before you need it.
  • Reduce additional damage by collecting water with towels, rags and sheets. Direct the water to areas where it can drain using a broom or squeegee.

Now you should call your Water Damage Service for water damage repair. These professionals will minimize damage to your home and its contents.

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